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La Voix. Angie Brown, Zeeteah Massiah, Jake Benson, Dave Fernandez, Dave Pop!, Darren Francis, Gari Glaysher, James "Biddie" Biddlecombe, Aruan Duval, Sarah Moule, Kevin Walsh, Jeff Mason....


Plus last year, I produced BRAVE, at Abbey Road Studios, for the LONDON GAY BIG BAND! CLICK BELOW TO BUY CD!

Brave-London Gay Big Band


This year, I'm producing new albums for Biao (aka Nacho Castellanos), and La Voix in the next three months! Watch this space!

Nacho aka Biao



Chris La Voix

Chris "La Voix" Dennis

about rpl

Hello. Well rpl is a music production company that records, composes and produces tunes, soundtracks and noises for all manner of media, such as the pop charts (whatever they are), tv and film, video, and for production music (music that's been created for certain companies to licence to anyone who likes and wants it, mainly for, er, productions). Rpl is owned by musician/composer and producer Chris Marshall.


about chris marshall

Truth is, rpl was indeed set up by me (chris, pictured here I'm afraid, dear surfer) to represent my compositions and productions, and this website will reflect that mostly, though there are also other examples of music and video, including some video footage and audio of live performances involving myself and others, plus an assortment of other bits and pieces archive or otherwise that may inform and entertain the viewer and listener. Or not.

The left-hand panel on this front page will also feature news of gigs and releases that someone out there may be vaguely interested in....

There's also (sharp intake of breath) a cv/biog page. So click here if you really need to know more about me.

In summary, on the pages of this website, I'll regularly update the track listings and reflect what's new and happening regarding future projects.

rpl recording CDs and Downloads

deconstructed CD

DECONSTRUCTED VOLUME ONE features 20 brand new stripped bare versions of classic songs featuring a host of amazing artistes. Artistes featured include Angie Brown, La Voix, James "Biddie" Biddlecombe, Jake Benson, Sarah Moule, Kara Van-park, Aaron Alexander, Gari Glaysher, and many more!

Click on cover left to go to iTunes download page (available on all major download sites worldwide including Amazon, Google etc) or click HERE to buy CD

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the james biddlecombe album (The Mysterious) Mister Blonde is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc also thanks to our super friends at cdbaby.....

Tracks and videos released on rpl and associated labels including the album by James Biddlecombe "(The Mysterious) Mister Blonde" are also available now from rpl in CD and DVD form, see the rpl shop for further details!

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dave pop! (star of Choccywoccydoodah on TV) download items (single and album) are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc thanks to our super friends at cdbaby, details on the dave pop! download page